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An easy program to use for making back ups


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Despite having many options when choosing a program to make back ups, many find the usability of a majority of them too complicated. BackUp Maker aims to make this process easier, both for beginning users as well as for more advanced users, by offering an easy-to-use back up tool.

Without a doubt, one of the incentives of this program is its assistant, which guides you through short and simple steps through out the process of creating a back up. It provides compressed copies with the option to protect them with a password and automatic encryption. The program is able to save the back ups in a given location on your system (including flash drives), CDs, DVDs, and even FTP remote servers.

You can make complete or partial back ups and activate the option to verify changes in the directories that you’re going to copy. The back ups are time programmable, including the ability to do them periodically or to indicate that when something happens in the system (login, logout, putting in a flash drive, etc.) it should make a copy.

BackUp Maker also provides file filters, automatic operations before and after the back ups, and sending of reports via email, as well as a back up restore tool included in the program.
By Álvaro Toledo

Free for personal use.

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